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Icon Maker The best Icon Maker software free download at lighten, soften, darken, Color Swap (BRG, GBR, GRB, RGB) , lighten, Plaid, Diffuse, emboss, Glass, and more. 11.Support sizes 16 X 16, 32 X 32, 48 X 48, 64 X 64, and user custom 12.Windows Me/2000/2003/2007/ XP, Vista Compatible 13.Fast, small and easy-to-use 14.Filters functions allow you processing the icon with special effects such as Blues, blur, Brighten, lighten, soften, darken, Color Swap (BRG, GBR, GRB, RGB) , lighten, Plaid, Diffuse, emboss

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Nature`s Light 1.0

See the light that nature provides. Rotate 32 different artistically bordered photos of lightening, sun pillars, rainbows and more. The program is powered by an excellent screen-saver engine, which lets you adjust the time between slide changes, show pictures full-screen or at original size, mute the relaxing MIDI-based soundtrack, use up to 23 transition effects, and take advantage of Microsoft Plus! support.

hurricane, hurricanes, nasa, world, light, space, noaa, earth, weather, sunsets, nexus, nexusmedia, tornado

Batch Image Enhancer 3.5: Turn average photos into stunning images with various actions and effects!
Batch Image Enhancer 3.5

Turn a bunch of average photos into stunning images with various actions and effects in a few clicks! Make color corrections to photos by adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, and tint. Improve visual quality of images through sharpening, noise reduction, and auto-white-balance filters. Apply creative effects like lighten and soften to dramatically enhance your photos. Save results in a number of standard image formats.

saturation, tint, enhance, soften, remove noise, rename, sepia tone, color, greyscale, grayscale, improve quality, sharpen, batch image

Image Frame 1.2: Add cool 3D frame and text to shots. Personalize your photos.
Image Frame 1.2

Image Frame is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for easy creation naturally-look 3D frame. Add frame and text to your photos. You can apply rectangular and elliptical frame, change frame profile, material, and lightening. You can add text and effects to image as well.

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Fish Games 1.0: Catch as many fish as you can within the allocated time limits.
Fish Games 1.0

Action fish game - Catch as many fish as you can within the allocated time limits. In Super-fishing, you must catch as many fish as you can before time runs out. Lower your hook to catch the fish but watch out for the lightening storm!

sea fishing, fishing, fish games, fishing games, fish

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CRE Loaded PriceGrabber Data Feed 7.6.9

CRE Loaded PriceGrabber Data Feed is an CRE Loaded contribution which remarkably lightens your products` export into - one of the best Pay-Per-Click services. provides unparalleled marketing and sales opportunities to 24 million active, qualified and ready to buy shoppers on a monthly basis.

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Ares Flash Downloader 6.60

Ares Flash Downloader brings you the best search and sharing tool you ever need. It combines the power of G1, G2 and Bit torrent to quickly search and download media files from popular P2P network connecting Kazaa, limewire, Morpheous, Ares Galaxy, IMesh and Bittorent. Ares Flash Downloader downloads your favorite media files at lightening fast speed thanks for the multihost downloading technology ("SWAMP") .

sharing, search, songs, file, find, audio, realaudio, movie, tool, media, music, locate, real

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